Who are your trees?

I have heard so many times that there is Divine Order in life.  This morning as I listened to a meditation that talked about Divine Order, I really heard it for the first time:  to everything, there is a season.  I am not sure if it was the tone of the voice, the pace of the message, or that I am finally ready to receive the message; today was different.  It was not only through my ears but in my heart and soul most importantly.

To everything there is order.  I cannot ride a bike 100 miles with out first learning how to balance on it.  As I became more confident, the training wheels came off, mom or dad ran along side me, holding on with both hands, and then with just a few fingers, just to let me know they were still there.  Before I knew it, I was on my own, riding down the street!  A little wobbly at first; however, in no time at all I was attempting to jump the curb or trying out, “look, mom, no hands!”

Bike Riding

One of my great joys is riding my bike.  Through the years, I have had some amazing experiences.  Not always happy experiences, but gifts to learn from never the less.  I fell a couple of times.  I am thankful I had my “safety net” called a helmet on when I fell.  I vividly remember two times that the only sound I heard was my helmet scraping against the ground.  You know what happened after I fell?  I assessed myself for injury, experienced a pride check, and got back on that bike with a new awareness and respect for what my bike and body can and cannot do.  I realized at my level of riding, I cannot leap over fences waist high and I need to pay attention to even the slightest cracks in the pavement.

As I was meditating on the daily Word this morning, I was thinking about a piece of fruit.  It must rely on something (a tree) to hold up and allow its bloom to take place.  It must also trust that the tree will support it to grow from bloom to bud, to a piece of fruit, resulting in a perfect gift from nature.


What happens next is that gift is given to animals (us included!) to nourish our bodies so that we are healthy and strong. Working in unison with each other, from the tree to the fruit, to the nourished body, life continues.

What sets us a part from the fruit?  If a storm comes and knocks that fruit off the tree before its time, it is gone, unable to offer its gift of nourishment to the world.  To everything there is order; to everything, there is a season.


What a treasure we have knowing that when we are knocked off our feet, regardless if it is physical: my bike, broken bones, emotional: self doubt, tragedy, fear, broken heart, spiritual: lack of trust in God’s Divine Order, a broken soul, we get to make the choice to get back up and start anew.

You take inventory of yourself like I did when I fell off my bike, or you can get someone to help you with your inventory. Remember the tree? It is a great source of support for that fruit.  Both times I fell, I had a friend with me who helped me get back up.  They were my tree.


Who in your life is your support?  Could that be a life coach, therapist, friend, or family member for you?  They are here to support you as life throws you a curve you never saw coming.

A client was getting ready to celebrate her daughter’s wedding.  That same week, just before the wedding, her husband told her he wanted a divorce.  I will share with you, she struggled a lot at first.  She was in shock; she never saw it coming.  She realized she was not going to be able to handle all the emotional turmoil coming at her at light speed.  She got into therapy the following week just so she could get through the days at work.

A couple weeks later, she was ready to start planning her future. I stepped in as her life coach and worked along side her as she reached deep inside of herself, and found strength and courage that had been idle for many years.  She is a thriving, laughing, joyfully retired grandmother and great friend now.


She had her trees, her support system.  Yes, she had to seek them.  Honestly, at first she struggled with the idea she NEEDED someone to help her.  Sometimes pride shows itself like that.  Today she really rocks her life.  Her laugh is infectious, her love pours from her heart, and people want her in their circle to catch that spirit she has!

As I think about the Divine Order of life, I understand that everything has its season.  For my client/friend, the season for her marriage came to an end.  Just like the beauty of springtime, the next season brought new life, renewed energy for living, and a strength that she had not seen in many, many years.

Those roots of the trees?  The great fertile soil that allows those trees to grow?  Therein lies the Divine; the Holy Gift.  We all have the foundation within us, won’t you join with me in being trees for those who need someone to hold them up while their fruit is growing, learning and revealing itself to the world?  The Divine Order of life has then taken place and all is well in the world.

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