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Motivation for Your Team

Is your company, non-profit organization, or business having difficulty motivating your team and ramping up morale and profits? Managing the needs of a corporation while working with employees’ individual values can be a challenge. My name is Derlene Hirtz; I am a Master Level Certified Coach with 20+ years of unique experience and education and proven success. If you are looking for a motivational speaker to help your company grow by getting employees to think about how they are showing up at work, what they are contributing, and who they are within their “work team,” you’re in the right place!

Fulfill the Mission

As a motivational speaker, I ensure business owners, executives, and employees end up with an understanding that their attitude toward their job is not necessarily about the other employee or their boss; it comes from within. We each have our own emotional “stuff” that affects everything we do, especially the way we work – we must take responsibility for it.  When that hurdle is overcome, your work environment becomes more cohesive and energized, and the “team” is more apt to fulfill the mission and vision of the business itself.

Tools for a Productive Experience

As an empowerment coach, experience and history have proven one thing – ultimately, all issues arise from human behavior. And that behavior impacts every single thing that happens each day, especially at work since that is where most of us spend the majority of our lives. These speaking engagements address human behavior and provide tools for lasting change. They are fun, interactive, and engaging.

By Releasing Your Burdens, Pruning for Abundance, and Setting Goals, you and your employees can make REAL changes in behavior and have a new outlook on life – personally and professionally. You’ll notice the focus of the following motivational speaking engagements is on personal development; inner strength, authentic confidence, and self-love are the ingredients for a prosperous, harmonious life and work environment. Browse this year’s series below; sign up for one or all three and say YES! to an abundant, productive, joyful life!

Selection of Engagements

Releasing Your Burdens

We all have our “backpack” full of burdens that we carry around, usually without realizing those encumbrances are part of our personality and our self-image. That backpack gets heavy with guilt, lack of confidence, disappointments, lost opportunities, apathy, fear, and our perception of what others expect of us or how they see us. Through story and inspiration, those in attendance will most likely recognize themselves along the way and become inspired to seek opportunities that offer real change.

By implementing the tools I give you to unpack those backpacks and release the burdens, REAL change happens!  There is clarity in each day; life becomes more positive and work becomes more productive; everyone’s inner Superhero emerges. Did you know we are all capable of being Superheroes?  Wonder Woman, Batman, She-Hulk, or Super Man – whoever you identify with, you will walk away saying YES! to the Superhero within and welcome him or her as part of your life. Can you imagine being excited about your work every day and feel unstoppable as you begin to fulfill your dreams without lugging that heavy backpack? It is attainable. I can show you how!

Pruning for Abundance

Do you recognize the important role the people in your “inner circle” play in your life?  As Jim Rohn says, “we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with.” As we walk through the talk, tools and examples are given to help you make tough decisions when it comes to addressing the sum of your five people. As you seek your path to success, both personally and professionally, it is necessary to learn the lessons offered through our circle of influence. When you are no longer served by one or two of those in our most trusted sphere, (often those people are work relationships) you must prune them from (at the very least) our inner circle.  If you do not, you will eventually adopt their behaviors as your own, be negatively affected by their influence, and potentially be held back in your work and personal life. It is imperative to understand that you, too, are part of someone else’s inner circle; how are you showing up in that relationship? Are you at risk of being pruned?

Meeting 1200

Setting goals that seem unrealistic may seem like a joke at first. Until you realize what you create becomes your reality. Relationships are the epitome of our existence so setting goals based on relationships is the key to a joyful life. What happens when you create a goal, say, with the intention of getting to know other people and put it “out there?” By your very existence, you change the world.  How are you doing that?  Who is changing your world?

During this inspirational talk, I share my life-changing story as I continually work toward meeting 1200 people in a year. The many unintentional gifts that I have received through creating this split second goal has truly been inspiring, motivating, and most of all – life-changing for both me and the person on the receiving end. So, how do you change the world? It may be through your work, through hobbies, or by “thinking outside of the box.” By the end of this session, you will be able to answer that question and learn how to set goals to truly live each day, not just simply go through the motions of “living.” Once you have a firm goal in place and start acting on that goal, a new sense of confidence weaves its way into your daily life, your work, your downtime, and your relationships. You’ll say YES! to life and find joy you never thought possible.

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The act of continually growing personally and professionally never really ends. Or at least, it shouldn’t! To effect change, growth, and productivity within your organization, hiring me as your motivational speaker will effect change and make your goals a reality. I am a professional Master Certified Coach with extensive Master level training in NLP and Time Line Therapy and 20+ years of experienceIf you or your company is interested in booking a speaking engagement that will inspire greatness, please contact me today! 636-459-0877