Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017

It has been so many years since I was physically with my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day with her.  Not this year!  I am heading out on Friday to spend the weekend with her.  Bonus!  I get to visit my dad and siblings as well.

I thought it would be really awesome if we shared stories of our super hero moms this week.  You, know, moms really are superheroes.  They are disguised as taxi drivers, chefs, maids, bosses, and teachers.  Perhaps the greatest disguise is our biggest fans!

Please respond to this blog if you would like to share something you have grown to realize about your mom.

My Cheerleader

My mom is always rooting me on, encouraging me, laughing at my silliness, and listening when I need a loving ear.  The greatest gift I have received from my mom is my resilience.  I did not realize how incredibly strong she is until I was writing my book and thinking about growing up in the military.  Dad was gone long periods of time; mom always was right there with us.  She took all the responsibility of both parenting roles and ran with it.  I never heard her complain and never saw her cry.  She did what she knew to do:  loved us kids, disciplined when necessary (although truth be told, she laughed a lot when we did silly child-hood antics), fed us, got off of and on the school bus, and the list goes on.  She is my super hero!  I love her more than I ever knew possible.

A Gigi

This past year, I became a Gigi.  Our little guy, Theo, will be one-year-old next month.  Wow! Has my life changed.   I think about him in the morning and the smile he no doubt is sharing with his mom and dad as he wakes up so bright-eyed and ready to take on the day.  I know how much he loves bath time; it is a happy place for him to play in the water.  Really, this is about his mom, Cassie.  Over the past year, she gave birth to my grandson, said good-bye to my son 10 days later as he went off to serve our country; mothered, fathered and loved Theo through all those firsts of six months, all with never missing a beat.  She and Theo came to live with us for about five months while Derek was away.  I now know what a bonus life feels like; that’s the way I feel about them living with us.  I saw first hand how Cassie lost sleep, researched the best parent practices (although not needed she is

I now know what a bonus life feels like; that’s the way I feel about them living with us.  I saw first hand how Cassie lost sleep, researched the best parent practices (although not needed she is a natural), and enjoyed all the milestones Theo reached, all the while being worried about her husband at war.  Never, not one time, did she ever complain and have a pity party.  She is an amazing mother to Theo, wife to my son, and the best daughter-in-law I could have imagined.  Thank you, Cassie!


Finally, I will share one more “mom.”  That is grandma Rose.  She is my surrogate mom in my hometown.  Since my mom lives in Texas, she has many times stepped in to help me.  Even more important, she has been a wonderful grandma to my kids, Derek and Krista.  Through the many years, she would take the kids to the zoo and other fun places around town, while I was working.  My kids can cook because she sent them to Dierberg’s cooking classes for kids.  She holds a very special bond with both of them, one would never know she is not related by blood.  When Derek was still an infant, she came running across the street in her robe because, well, let’s just say I was having a panicked mom moment.  I can still see her and Aunt Kathy running across the street, breaking all records set for making it to the neighbors house the fastest.  Oh we laugh now!

Who are those special moms in your life?  I would really love to “meet” them through your stories!  Please hit reply to share.  I am excited to hear your story.

Have a fabulous week and enjoy the beauty of this amazing gift called life!

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