Meeting my 1200!

I attended a workshop this weekend, one of my quarterly goals of personal growth.  The workshop, Joy of Goals, included dreaming –  BIG – and then setting goals to realize those dreams.

There were so many amazing gifts I received from those seven hours; I would like to share two of those gifts.  Connections to Success grew into a highly successful organization that ministers to women who are stepping into their purpose.  It began when a woman, Kathy Lammert, started the organization in St. Louis called Dress for Success.  It grew as her and her husband, Brad, witnessed the needs of the women they were serving were far beyond putting on a professional outfit for a job interview.  For instance, once the client landed the job, how can she possibly sustain her position without transportation?   Public transportation has its limits.  Brad then went to work on providing transportation for the women.  I do not know what all that involves, but I do know their organization is helping break the cycle of poverty for these women.

Connections for Success…

is no longer a one-man, one-woman show.  There is a Board that helps govern, dream, and plan for their continued success.  It truly is amazing.  As a result of the success of Connections, women have formed support groups that encourage and support each other; both in personal and business lives.

Here is where is gets really awesome!  Long story short, one of the women attached to Connections spoke at an area networking event I attended last month.  She has formed a Sickle Cell support organization that grew out of her daughter’s diagnosis.  Rosemary believes that when she asks God for a favor, He shows up.  How true it is …

A little background.  Rosemary was one of the featured speakers at an event last December.  She shared with one of the ladies that her car had 400,000 miles on and it had officially died.  She was relying on public transportation and friends/family to help her get to where she needed to be so she can get her story out and help others.  We took up a spur of the moment collection after one of the ladies shared with the group Rosemary’s quandary.  We collected over $700!  Can you imagine the totally, complete shock on Rosemary’s face when they announced how much was collected?  I didn’t have to imagine, I witnessed it!

Ok, now moving forward.  Brad and Kathy presented Rosemary with a car at the Joy of Goals event on Saturday!  I do not know the back story to it; however, it was one of the most heart-warming, love-giving moments I have been blessed to watch unfold!  There was not a dry eye in the house!  We all went outside and cheered her on as we watched her sit in her new car!

I really enjoy meeting new people.

Not just meeting them, but learning from them and listening to their stories.  Everyone has an amazing story, unique to us.  So, I decided one of my goals was to meet 200 people this year.  I wrote it down and we took a break.  While in the restroom I was talking about it and Darla walked up to me and told me I inspired her to do the same.  We introduced ourselves and I met two other ladies before I ever walked out.  As I sat down, I thought to myself, “Wow!  I am already down to 197!”  It was then that I “upped” my goal … to 1200 people to meet this year.

As I was flying to the West Coast yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Larry, a man who lives to help people.  We certainly had that in common!  I also met Jen.  She is a physical therapist from St. Louis.  We ended up sitting together on the flight.  What an amazing young woman.  She was coming out West to attend a bike fitting class.  I am sure I am not giving her class the justice it deserves, that’s my language about why she is here.  Imagine the conversation!  That was our common ground!  She is a cyclist!  We talked for the entire flight about her adventures in cycling (mountain biking and that crazy cycling where you jump over places and carry your bike through water!).  I shared about my adventure of riding the Katy Trail (241 miles) in two days.  It was so life-giving.  Jen is an introvert; I knew that from the moment I introduced myself.  We laughed at that because she certainly would not have ever initiated a conversation and she seemed to enjoy the time together.

There are no coincidences!

We are all given opportunities placed in our path.  Stay aware of whom is passing in and through your life.  If a total stranger walks up to you and introduces herself and asks, “What do you do to change the world?”  know that I am receiving a great gift of having the honor and privilege of our paths crossing.  I thank you in advance!

Have a phenomenal week everyone.  Say YES! to your life!

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