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Say “YES!” to Life

Do you feel as if you are merely getting through each day, waiting for tomorrow because maybe tomorrow you’ll feel happy? Maybe in a week, you’ll find a sense of purpose? Your “Aha! Moment” is right around the corner?” I am Derlene Hirtz and  I am living proof that self-reflection, motivation, support from others, and the willingness to dig deep can drastically change your life for the better. My name is Derlene Hirtz, also known as the “YES! Finder” and empowerment coach. I want to help motivate and empower you to live your most authentic, joy-filled life. Together, we can address what’s keeping you from living your true life – the life you know you were meant to have – and start your journey to deep emotional, physical, professional, and relationship well-being.

Real Life Experiences

As an empowerment coach with years of education, Master Certifications in NLP and Time-Line Therapy, plus 20 years of experience, I could say I am an expert in my field – but I offer my knowledge and services from a place much deeper than credentials. My own tough personal journey. For years, I lived through personal darkness and the art of hiding grave unhappiness.

After coaching and speaking engagements, I was often told, “Your talks are always uplifting and helpful; your coaching is positive and challenging!” In those sessions, I taught others about God’s love and mercy and how we are meant to live full, happy lives despite our circumstances, yet felt like I wasn’t worthy of it myself. To the world, I presented a happy woman who had it all together. On the inside, I was lost and felt I wasn’t good enough. I was fighting an inner demon of self-doubt, self-loathing, and unhappiness. As the years sped by, I increasingly felt like a fake as I traveled home each day from work.

My Story is Not Uncommon

In my book, Journey of Intention, I share my personal journey and address the “Nag” that was hanging out in the back of my mind. That Nag was a constant presence feeding me negative thoughts and unhealthy conversations. She chided me about my level of intelligence (‘20+ years to finish college’) and appearance (‘really, you should lose some weight’). Deep inside I felt I was not good enough (‘love is for other people’) and those thoughts kept me paralyzed, unable to thrive and create the life God called on me to live.

As I peeled back the layers of my unhappiness and critical, debilitating self-talk, I began to discover the authentic, genuine person that was always within. Eventually, through emotional hard work dealing with past experiences, NLP, and love from others, I felt the release of the Nag and total joy bubbled up. Yes! I had to ask myself some extremely hard questions (and answer with total honesty). Yes! I had to forgive myself and others; and YES! in fact, I found out I AM worthy of God’s love and mercy!

Ironically, from that difficult path, I found my true purpose and passion because I chose to address and replace the Nag. My eye-opening journey of self-discovery led me to help others like you seek their own personal empowerment. I knew if I could do it, anyone could. I also know how many of you struggle with that inner voice, those inner demons that stop you from feeling free to enjoy life; you end up just getting by until the end of days. This is not how God wants us to live; it is not necessary to suffer in silence.

It’s Never Too Late to Be Empowered

My varied personal and professional experiences have blessed me with special skills and insight to help you transform into your best YOU. You, with permission from yourself, will love every bit of who you are. You will finally be empowered to live a joyful, genuine life. Living a life that we choose is for all of us it is not just for the “lucky” ones born into wealth and “happiness.” It is for YOU! Your time has come to thrive and say “YES!” to life.

Life Coaching

To read more of my story, go to Amazon to purchase Journey of Intention. My hope is that it helps you realize you’re not alone in your feelings and that it is never too late to rediscover the life you were meant to have. If you’re interested in personal development or professional one-to-one coaching, please contact me for a free consultation.  Say YES! to the life you were meant to live today! 636-459-0877