Are you ready?

It’s 2017!

Are you ready?

Ready for what you may ask!

The time is now for you to take another step into the greatness of YOU!

What would it feel like to wake up every morning, roll out of bed, look in the mirror, and see the beautiful smile that is you in the reflection?  As you stare back at the authentic love you are reflecting, you know, you just know, that today is the day you have decided to step in the greatness of YOU!

We ALL – you, me, your best friend, your nemesis, each and every one of us – have so much to offer the world.  As we discussed in an earlier Tuesday Tattle, we are not here to play small.

It does not serve us or the world to be small when we know we manifest pure love and are called to share with the world.  Every one of us are born with gifts, unique to each of us, and we should use them to show the world how extraordinary we are!  If you do not let you light shine through, then your particular light can never be seen.  – Marianne Williamson

Think about it; how would it be possible for the world to experience your uniqueness any other way than through you?  It is impossible.  Don’t deny the world YOU because you are fearful, unsure, living in the past, whatever it is that is preventing you from moving into the greatness of NOW!

So, how about it?  Are you ready to make 2017 YOUR year?  Are you ready to step into the path of YOUR greatness?

I offer three ways we can step into our greatness:  relationship, responsibility, and faith.


You have heard the saying, “we are the sum total of the five people we hang around with the most.”  Look into your inner circle.  Is that true for you?  My kids tried to argue this with me when I first said this to them.

“Let’s see, “I said to them.  “You dress like them, you eat the same foods, use the same language, talk like them, and you act like them.” “Yeah, act like them.”

Honestly, it was fun to watch them process this as they were trying to defend their selves.  They knew I was right.  It only makes sense.  Sooooo, who are you hanging out with?  At that moment, they had to decide if they needed to do some pruning, embrace the friends or a little of both.

We, too, may need to look at our circle and make choices that serve us in the best possible fashion.  Are our friends serving us for good?  Or must we ask ourselves some questions and be honest about the answers. Are they holding us back, bringing negativity into our lives, or perhaps not supporting us in a way that moves towards our greatness.

What then?  Maybe we need to do some pruning.

I lived in Napa Valley for a couple of years.  I would always take our visitors to this one vineyard.  As I began to build a relationship with the owner, he began to teach me about the expectations of the grapes on the vines.

One particular day, we went out to the vineyard and he explained to me that he was at a point with these vines where he had to decide whether to cut them back, cut them all off, or just let them continue to grow.  He went on to explain, if he cut them back, they would bear fruit that was better quality.  If he let them continue to grow, there would be more fruit to process, making more money.  The obvious was if he cut the vine completely back, there would not be any grapes for this year.  Was that necessarily a completely “bad” thing?  He had to make the decision with regard to what was going to serve him, his business, his goals, etc. best.

That is the same principle we can apply when we look at our relationships.  How are they serving us?  Is there entirely too much drama?  Is someone always telling us what is “best” for us?  Do you always do things by their agenda?

If you are okay with this, then that is just fine for you.  However, my challenge to you is that if you really want to step into YOUR greatness, you will need to focus on what is best for you as opposed to what is pleasing to others, or I would even offer, what is easiest for you.

Another thought, find a mentor.  Look at people you admire, study their habits, paying attention and making note of what you witness that is “great” about them.  Model those behaviors until they become your habits.

Be the friend you want to have for yourself.


Right now, this very moment, will you agree to take responsibility for your life?  That includes the decisions you make, actions, emotions, and reactions?  YOU are the only one who can do this and be empowered by the process.  No one can tell you what to think, how to do, or even why you do it.  You must do the work yourself.

This includes quit blaming others, circumstances, etc.  When you say “but” or “because” you are handing over the responsibility.  This does nothing to empower you to move forward, toward the greatness of YOU!


Faith in yourself.  You must trust that you know what is best for you as you move into the greatness of you. Trust your intuition.  What a gift from God!  Use it!

Remember we were created through the GREATNESS of God!  Have faith that we were born to live big at this one shot we call LIFE!  A faithful God does not want us to be as a grain of sand making its way down the mountain.  No, just the opposite.  We are boulders rolling down the steep mountainside, grabbing momentum with each rotation, saying, “Watch out world, I am here to play big!  Who is with me?”

When you look in the mirror tomorrow, SMILE at the amazing person of YOU, give yourself the credit and love you deserve and announce to yourself, “Today I am walking in my greatness!”

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