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The Yes! Finder

Are you searching for true meaning in your life? Have you come to that place where emotionally, physically, and professionally you feel restless or empty? Finding true joy – not just a few happy moments, but deep gratitude and joy will drastically change every aspect of your life for the better. And, believe it or not, a life of JOY IS ATTAINABLE. My name is Derlene Hirtz, the “Yes! Finder” and Founder of You.Empowered Services. With my help you can be empowered to say YES! to living your most authentic, joy-filled life.

My Story

Derlene HIrtz, You Empowered ServicesI once felt emotionally flat and uninterested, and physically trudged through each day waiting for more. (Sound familiar?) For years, I had this nagging voice hanging out in my mind, whispering of unhappiness, placing blame, feeling stuck. The more I ignored it, the more of a nuisance it became. After many years of outwardly showing the world a bright happy Derlene (while fighting that nagging voice on the inside), I hit a deep low.

Here I was a mentor, educator, and speaker, and even Director of Religous Education, giving talks on faith, empowerment, forgiveness, and parenting, yet on the drive home each night darkness would settle in. That voice in my head would remind me I wasn’t worthy of happiness and the same God-given glories as everyone else. Blame, self-doubt, and living in the past clouded my judgment and kept me paralyzed.

Finally, the day came when the excuses no longer worked. I realized I had to stop blaming others and make changes. In a strong emotional moment, I made the decision to dive into that dark place, discover what was there, learn from my mistakes and experiences, and create a life with true happiness and gratitude. It was a very difficult journey; I continued to show up in my daily life happy and pretend I was on top of the world, then, that dreaded daily drive home grew darker and darker as I evaluated what was lying inside. I struggled to uncover my inner demons for months until finally, some light glittered through the darkness.

The Empowerment Choice

Choosing to address my inner darkness is the best decision I have ever made (it must be a choice or change will not happen). I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had the perfect people in my life to help me along my journey. I had a life/business coach who was available constantly, a friend that I “just happened” to meet, and few close friends that I trusted enough to share in my secret expedition to finding meaning.

When I reflect on that time of darkness, I realize I felt like a woman who was under water holding my breath for as long as possible. When I could hold it no longer, I came bursting through the crystal clear water, shooting up to the surface with incredible force, taking a deep breath and finding … LIFE!  A life in which I do not just survive but THRIVE! Let me share with you, IT IS PHENOMENAL! Today I am a sincerely, deeply happy wife, joyful mom, and now a very proud GiGi (grandma)!

My Faith in You

As I peeled back the layers of my own insecurities and became increasingly aware of my true identity, I knew God had gifted me with this experience so that I could be of service to others. Once I could see clearly, I felt compelled to share my experience and help support others’ personal development and professional empowerment on their journeys. Whether you are a parent facing the last child leaving home, you’ve had a marriage end, or you have a child in the military and fear he or she is in harm’s way – we can get through it together. Maybe you’re experiencing the transition to a new job, facing retirement, or an identity crisis – I will journey right alongside you, supporting you every step of the way.

Inspiring & Teaching Others

As an educator, I mentored young people for many years. I discovered the real reason why I love teaching – I was included in the kids’ journeys toward adulthood. Empowering students to seek and then stay true to their “selves” was the greatest gift I could offer each of them. I enjoyed watching young people become thriving members of our community. Working with their parents and affecting family change was an additional gift that provided great coaching outcomes.

Knowing that my passion has empowered others to live fully by accepting, knowing, and understanding themselves is priceless! Through many years of education and training, Master Certifications in NLP and Integrated Time-Line Therapy, as well as speaking, coaching, and real-life experiences, I have been able to help countless people like you shift their perspectives away from negativity and being a victim of past circumstances to being victorious survivors who love life.

Why is Masters Certification in Coaching Important?

Life Coaching is an unregulated industry. This means anyone can become a life coach by calling themselves such. Keeping with my personal integrity, I sought out excellent education in order to serve you to the very best of my ability. My education is sound and scientific-based with hours upon hours spent personally sitting in a classroom and participating in the practicums, both as client and practitioner. I personally experienced many breakthroughs from this intense training, resulting in profound changes in my life. The many years of in-depth training and my previous experiences inspired me to help as many as people as possible who are struggling to fulfill their dreams. I am living proof that permanent positive changes can happen and result in true happiness, joy, and success.

Step into Your Empowered Life

If YOU are ready to step into YOUR life and be empowered, contact me today for a free consultation. I am confident I can help you change your life into one of authentic, grateful, joyful living. Emotionally, physically, professionally, and spiritually you can design the life you desire and most of all, rejoice in the freedom of saying YES! to the life you deserve! 

I look forward to meeting YOU! 636-459-0877