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Renewed Executive Focus

Are you a senior executive feeling the pressure to do more, be more, contribute more? Are you having challenges motivating your team and ramping up morale and profits? Managing the values of a corporation in conjunction with your employees’ individual values can lead to personal frustration, time loss, and negative revenue. My name is Derlene Hirtz; I am a Master Level Certified Coach with 20+ years of unique experience and proven coaching success. As your Executive Coach, I’ll help you get to the heart of what is limiting growth and create a strategy to turn your challenges into strengths – personally and in business.

Corporate Values vs. Human Values

The biggest hurdle for senior executives is taking a step back to identify what may be weakening your aspirations and company goals. There is a huge responsibility to adhere to company values (profit, profit, profit) and honor the personal values of your team (family time, vacations, health issues). Whether you’re not keeping employees long, your numbers are suffering, growth has stagnated, or you are questioning your profession – whatever challenge you find you’re facing, it starts and ends with personal discovery.

With my custom coaching program specifically geared toward YOU and what you’re experiencing, we can quickly identify what needs to happen so you can “get out of your own way” to reach your goals and dreams, and feel fulfilled doing it. Together, we can eliminate the clash of value systems and find out who YOU are, what YOU want your future to look like, and how to meld everything together for a joyful, productive career and personal life. My extensive training in NLP plays a large role in all of my coaching programs because ultimately, all issues stem from human behavior. And that behavior impacts every single thing that happens each day.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

You. Empowered Services executive and team coaching has proven to maximize outcomes, establish clear roles and relationships, and ensure that employees and executives alike are contributing to the end goal. Senior executives will learn how to foster an environment that encourages self-development, enhances team problem solving, and creates a cohesiveness that leads to everyone working toward the same objectives. The outcome of executive coaching with You. Empowered Services will gift you with the following:

  • A greater sense of confidence in all areas of your professional and personal life.
  • The ability to swiftly make and handle difficult situations and decisions.
  • Personal joy in your career and private life.
  • New skills to not only help your company but yourself and those around you.
  • Increased management competency, strength, and professionalism.
  • A realistic approach to teamwork and shared accountability.
  • Knowledge to assess corporate values vs. personal values and which should take precedence.
  • Those around you will be motivated to exceed expectations.
  • Less time between planning and results.
  • Ability to adapt and use your inner strengths to accept compromise when necessary.
  • Improved communication and negotiating skills.
  • Company growth and increased profits.
  • A new way of being in the workplace and in the world that fosters growth, joy, and riches!

How You. Empowered Services is Different

Most executive coaching is based on growing numbers and “managing” employees. My coaching technique focuses on human behavior and personal growth with lasting results. Experience has taught me ONE thing consistently – every difficult situation comes down to human behavior. Human behavior can be shifted and altered if the willingness is there. Once you change behavior and how you perceive situations, those around you change theirs, and self-expectations, as well as those of your peers, become clear. Weaknesses become strengths, humility evolves, and growth happens. 

If you’d like to learn more, contact me today for a free consultation. With You. Empowered Services you can overcome anything and come out on the other side joyful, confident, and successful in every way! 636-459-0877