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Entrepreneur Coaching

Have you noticed? The entrepreneurial spirit is different. Those of us who take the enormous jump into owning our own businesses are usually passionate self-starters who want to change the world in our own unique way. It can be isolating, immensely stressful, and we work harder than ever before. But, the rewards are phenomenal! To build something from scratch, mold it into your vision, and earn success – what a gift!

My name is Derlene Hirtz, empowerment life coach and entrepreneur with over 20 years of in-depth training and experience teaching, coaching, counseling, and helping others find their inner strength and purpose. In order to enjoy success, the ability to let go of past experiences and live in the NOW is critical. I can help you learn to love yourself with pure confidence so you can grow personally and professionally and find victory in all aspects of your life.

Speaking of Dreams…

The benefits of entrepreneurialism are many (including the pleasure of unlimited dreaming!) along with the distinct challenges that come with owning a business. Coaching specifically for entrepreneurs addresses those benefits and challenges and how to best survive and thrive during the emotional ups-and-downs. Entrepreneurs’ goals are exclusive to our reality; our selling style can be less than conventional, our attention to detail must be in place, and mainly – our self-confidence MUST never waver in the face of business.

When you work for someone else, though it can be very rewarding, you may find dreaming of a different future challenging. I know – I worked for a school system for many years and though I loved it, I didn’t know how to dream of a future I could call mine. My goal as your coach is to empower you to overcome self-limiting hurdles, discover how you work best, and identify your dreams. Our coaching sessions will give you the tools to get out of your own head, achieve great things, and live your dreams now without guilt and self-doubt and with self-LOVE.

No More Self-Doubt

It is a fact – we are judged first by the way the world sees us rather than by our amazing capabilities. The pressure to be a certain way has led us all down a slippery path of continual emotional baggage that limits success and joy. Rather than loving ourselves for our awesome capabilities and what we bring to the world, we focus on trying to put forward a perfect outward appearance and persona first. This is never truer than in business. You must be real in order to have lasting success.

Have you heard the phrase, “If not me, then who?” Your customers need products and services. They will buy them from someone, so why not you? Remember, the one thing that sets you apart from others in your field is not simply your knowledge or product – it is TRUST in and RAPPORT with YOU. If you exude authenticity and confidence, clients will gravitate toward you because they believe you can help them with what they need. Why let the next guy come through the door and provide what you know you can do better?

Why Wait to Be Empowered?

I bet you’ve read countless self-help and super-power books to inspire motivation and authenticity, and even chanted to yourself, “I can do anything!” “I’ve got this!” “I will succeed if I just do A,B,C…” Those things may be true, but how do you learn to truly, permanently believe them and act accordingly? Starting now, I can help you rise above the stigmas and self-doubt. When you own a business, personal growth and self-talk are a huge part of whether you make it or not.

Together, we can identify what prevents you from being your authentic self. It is possible to change your way of thinking permanently to become a joyful, successful entrepreneur who learns how to juggle it all, stay true to yourself and your dreams, and take the time to reap the rewards. The greatest gift of my career is watching clients achieve success beyond imagination and find the joy they’ve longed for. Say YES! to an empowered life. Contact me today for a free 30-minute consultation. 636-459-0877