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Real Coaching Results

You’ve decided you are ready to let go of emotional baggage and look forward to the rest of your life. So how do you choose the Empowerment Coach that’s right for you? And how do you find highly-trained, experienced coaches like me, Derlene, weed out the “just got my coaching certificate on-line” coaches, and find a good fit?

What you’re doing right now is a good start! Do your research and look at credentials. I have over 20 years of training and experience, which we all know, matters! Knowledge backed by experience is our greatest teacher. In coaching, experience powered by education and in-depth scientific study makes for REAL life-affirming results.


  • 20+ years of coaching, mentoring, teaching, motivating, inspiring, and affirming the lives of others, enabling them to step into their own personal and professional futures with empowerment.
  • Certified Master Coach in different modalities, Pivot Point Advantage Success Mastery Academy, CA
  • Master Practitioner Certified of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Pivot Point Advantage Success Mastery Academy, CA
  • Master Practitioner Certified of Integrated Time Line Therapy, Pivot Point Advantage Success Mastery Academy, CA
  • Master of Success Mastery 2, Pivot Point Advantage Success Mastery Academy, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education, Emphasis on Religious Studies; Lindenwood University, MO

So What Does “Master” Coaching Mean?

As a Master Coach, I trained in person with Pivot Point Advantage in California and learned from Master Trainer Stacey O’Byrne who is known as “one of the best!” To achieve Master level certification required completing 165 hours of NLP “Trainer’s” Certification Training, intense scientific study, and in-depth, in-person practical experience.

I have the stamp of approval (literally and figuratively) of The International Board of Integrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming which means not only did I complete the coursework academically, I was successful in my practitioner role throughout the learning and training process. I also trained in different modalities, including Master level Integrated Time Line Therapy.

Is Master Coaching More Effective?

The simple answer is YES! Not only is Master Certification for coaching based on personal, professional, and educational experience, knowing the science behind how our conscious and unconscious minds control everything we do is crucial to effecting real change.

Research has proven that in order to make permanent change, we first have to “reprogram” our self-talk and work through previous life events and emotional experiences to move forward. There is a scientific way to do this so that it becomes your permanent reality. If a coach doesn’t have this education and experience, their coaching results may be temporary or short-sighted.

Since Life Coaching is an unregulated industry, anyone can become a life coach by calling themselves such. Keeping with my personal integrity, I sought out excellent education in order to serve you to the very best of my ability and help you become empowered to live your best life with real change and personal growth.

Coaching for Life

Empowerment Coaching, using NLP and other proven techniques, is not simply a catch-phrase – it truly unlocks the unlimited human excellence in every person who wants a better life for LIFE.

Whether you are looking for personal development coaching, executive coaching, divorce coaching, or entrepreneur coaching, they all have one thing in common – human behavior. Each goal may be slightly different but in order to succeed and make change in any of those personal and professional areas, that change will begin with NLP and digging deep to get out of your own way in order to find success.

Free 30-Minute Consultation

Changing lives and watching my clients discover lasting joy, success, and freedom from negativity is the greatest gift I could receive. Empowerment coaching is my calling; I take it seriously and feel honored if you want to walk your journey of self-discovery with me. When you’re ready to get started living life rather than simply existing, contact me for a free 30-minute consultation and feel the relief that comes over you as you take the first step to saying YES! to life! 636-459-0877