“The Choice Is Yours…Live Today, Rock Tomorrow!”

You can shift your brain to one of success, embracing change, setting goals, and making new choices to fulfill your goals.
Today is the day to take back your life! With my extensive background, 20 years of experience, and Masters Certification in NLP and Time-Line Therapy I can help you …
    ⇨ Make a sift to a success-oriented mindset
    ⇨ Own it!
    ⇨ Live it!

That’s what’s called Training Your Brain for Success!


Together we can find your joy and say YES! to life.

Let’s Get Started!

NLP Coach and Trainer

Are you searching for more out of life? Are you running a business but your life is a mess? Are ready to set those Big Important Goals and ACHIEVE them?

Whether you’re seeking growth and change for personal or professional reasons, you’ve come to the right person. I’m Derlene Hirtz, success & mindset coach.

As an NLP Trainer, coach and Master Practitioner and Time Line therapy, I help my clients shift the thought patterns that do not serve them. My specialty is helping you find your authentic self, and change your mindset, to say YES! to the life you dream of living.

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You want your attendees to be totally engaged from beginning to end.  You want to add value that leaves your TEAM inspired, motivated, re-energized and ready to take action.  You want results both personally and professionally.

Let mindset expert and motivational speaker Derlene Hirtz create an unforgettable experience for your professional gathering, association or team. Being introduced to an understanding of mindset, significance of language, and appreciation of perspectives, attendees leave ready to take action.

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Do you feel as if you are merely getting through each day, waiting for tomorrow because maybe tomorrow you’ll feel happy? Maybe in a week, you’ll find a sense of purpose? Your “Aha! Moment” is right around the corner?”

In my book, Journey of Intention, I share my personal journey and address the “Nag” that was hanging out in the back of my mind. That Nag was a constant presence feeding me negative thoughts and unhealthy conversations. She chided me about my level of intelligence (‘20+ years to finish college’) and appearance (‘really, you should lose some weight’). Deep inside I felt I was not good enough (‘love is for other people’) and those thoughts kept me paralyzed, unable to thrive and create the life God called on me to live.

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